Volunteering with Mi Arca


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Mi Arca project in Guatemala.

Mi Arca is a Christian organisation that has a passion for children and young people who live at high-risk or live on the streets of the major cities in Guatemala.  For this reason we do need to ensure all those coming to volunteer with Mi Arca are made aware of our mission, our Christian ethos and of our Safeguarding Policy and procedures.

We do not expect that everyone coming to work with us is a committed Christian.  We do, however, expect that those who come understand and appreciate our ethos and so this will be reflected in their behaviour, language and how they spend their free time.

Volunteering in Guatemala is a lot of fun and extremely rewarding but it does come with some risks and you do need to be aware of these before applying.  Guatemala City is one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America with the US State Department stating that Guatemala´s crime rate is "critical".  We have never experienced problems with volunteers being attacked due to the nature of our work but all those coming must be aware and prepare for the risks.  A full risk assessment can be downloaded below.

If you are still reading this then you must be keen!  Mi Arca works with some of the most at-risk children and youth and, as you can see from the website most of our work is focused on the streets of Guatemala City.  We also work in partnership with many other ministries and programmes and so there could be some specialist skill set you bring with you that might be able to be used in a much wider context.

calle3We are looking for people with the following characteristics:

  • Passionate about children and young people
  • Willing to serve despite the cost
  • Dedicated to seeing the best in people
  • Prepared to get their hands dirty
  • Work long and unsocial hours
  • Flexible, sense of humour and open to new things
  • Willing to fund their time in Guatemala

Still with us?  Great!  You could be just the person we are looking for and since you have not yet been put off by the above let´s focus now on the work and how you could actually help make a difference in the life of a child at risk.

There are many areas of the work that might interest you including:

  • Street work
  • Medical work
  • Teachinghistoria2
  • Crafts and Skills Training
  • Photography and Film Making
  • Sports & Games 
  • Radio
  • Robotics
  • Web Design and App Development
  • Administration
  • Childcare
  • Making tea (this is the joke line!)

Below you will find a ton of resources in Spanish and English and we hope that these will answer all your questions.  Should you have any queries we would encourage you to email us by using the link below.

Thank you and we hope to see you here in sunny Guatemala soon!

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